Total Recall: Remaking Films From Memory and Technology Essay

OK this essay is slightly longer than previous entries. It was for my Remake class. Not much to say about this one to be honest. I did pretty well on it, grade-wise and hopefully it makes sense and is vaguely interesting. I was going to write a whole new post about remaking films and how it’s more of an American habit but that’ll keep for when I’m not so preoccupied with Gilmore Girls re-runs. Do It!


Whisper of the Heart Blu-ray Review: Clever Whisper Or Heart Related Pun

Blu-ray Releassed on 9th January 2012

Based on the manga of the same name, Whisper of the Heart is the 1995 Studio Ghibli coming-of-age film film that is now available on Blu-ray but despite its charm and beauty, the hardcore Ghibli crowd may find themselves dissatisfied with this one.

Shizuku Tsukishima (Brittany Snow), a middle-school girl whose nose is always in a book, embarks on her first adolescent relationship with the antagonistic yet sensitive Seiji. The two inspire each other to follow their dreams but Shizuku struggles to cope when Seiji’s passion for making violins leads him to move away to Italy. Fighting with her family over her future, Shizuku is sure that if she can write a whole book by the time Seiji returns, she’ll prove to them that she has what it takes to follow her heart. Do It!

Hugo Review: Paris Je T’aime…Kinda

HUGO: On General Release From 2nd December 2011

The 3D bandwagon has had some extra weight thrown on to it since Martin Scorsese decided to use the technology to make Hugo, a charming Christmas movie based on the book ‘The Invention of Hugo Cabret’. Going up against other three-dimensional fare like Arthur Christmas, Hugo may be able to hold its own but this Parisian adventure might not be quite the draw Scorsese hopes it will.

Orphaned Hugo (Asa Butterfield) is living inside the walls and clock towers of a large Paris train station, keeping the clocks in working order and avoiding the vigilant station inspector (Sacha Baron Cohen). Do It!


The Legend of The Soldier Review: Little Drummer Boy

The Legend of the Soldier: On DVD Release From 10th October

For those of us not up on the historical beef between Napoleon’s army and the Catalan rebels in 1808, Legend of the Soldier, paints a vivid picture of the battle of Bruc in which one Spanish drummer boy defeated the invading French army. As important as this legend may be to the Spanish, UK viewers may well be scratching their heads as the story relies on a pre-existing knowledge of the battle, so it wouldn’t hurt to do a little research before watching as much is left unexplained.

In the wake of the battle, a simple coal miner/military drummer boy, Juan (Juan José Ballesta) tries to return to his normal life and his beautiful fiancée Gloria (Astrid Bergès-Frisbey). The French’s defeat is bitter for Napoleon who orders brave Captain Maraval (Vincent Perez) to bring back the head of the Spanish drummer. Maraval and a band of soldiers travel to Juan’s small village in the Catalan mountains and slaughter his family and kidnap Gloria in an effort to draw him out. Do It!


Bridesmaids Review: The Marrying Kind

Bridesmaids: On General Release From Friday 24th June

One of the rules of screenwriting is ‘Make your protagonist likeable’. It’s an old rule that really works and I’ve rarely seen it broken, or broken well to make me rethink its validity. In Kristin Wiig’s Bridesmaids, however, her character, long-time fuck-up Annie, is dangerously close to the edge of being a total dick. She’s selfish, disorganised, rude and self-destructive – not traditional qualities you look for in a leading lady, especially not one that’s the maid of honour for her best friend Lillian, played by Maya Rudolph. Do It!


Attack The Block Review: Hoodie Goodie

Attack The Block: On General Release 11 May

Kids today, eh? If they’re not selling drugs or mugging people they’re fending off an alien attack, at least that’s the story in Joe Cornish’s directorial debut, Attack the Block.

Set in the grimey council estates of ‘Sahhhf Lahndan’, off-duty nurse Sam (Jodie Whittaker) is on her way home when a gang ‘murk’ her. NOTE: In order to translate the script of this film, you may need to spend a week reading the entire Urban Dictionary beforehand. In the middle of this murking, an asteroid destroys a nearby car, the gang’s leader, Moses (John Boyega), investigates only to be attacked by the alien creature lurking in the wreckage. Do It!


Kapow Comic Con

After years of UK geeks bemoaning the lack of a San Diego Comic Con equivalent, we finally got to experience the same heat, crowds and sweaty nerd love this past weekend at the first ever Kapow! Comic Con. Kick-Ass and Wanted writer Mark Millar is the man behind the event and he pulled out all the stops as there was something for everyone; comics (a lot), movies (big ones) and games (um, there was an IGN section, does that count?)

Anywho, we ventured out of the Breadline broom cupboard, clad in our geekiest attire, joined the thousands of people headed to the Business Design Centre in sunny Islington. While the nerd herd queued up outside, we floated through the doors, slapping security guards aside with our VIP passes. Do It!