Total Recall: Remaking Films From Memory and Technology Essay

OK this essay is slightly longer than previous entries. It was for my Remake class. Not much to say about this one to be honest. I did pretty well on it, grade-wise and hopefully it makes sense and is vaguely interesting. I was going to write a whole new post about remaking films and how it’s more of an American habit but that’ll keep for when I’m not so preoccupied with Gilmore Girls re-runs. Do It!


Another University Essay. This One’s About Vampires. No Twilight Though.

Now if you bothered to read or even lightly skim the previous post, then you’ll know that I’m posting some of my essays from my uni days. This week is an essay from my favourite ever module: The Modern Vampire, taught to me by the most excellent lecturer Stacey Abbott. See Mum, all those years watching Buffy finally paid off.

I was 20-years-old when I wrote this essay and as anyone who went to uni will know, your work, no matter what the grade is always fighting against sleep deprivation, word counts and caffeine overdoses. Despite these factors, I got a 1st for this essay. Suck it. Ha, suck it, like vampires. Cause it’s a vampire essay…I don’t have to impress you people. Do It!

My First Ever University Essay

I graduated in 2009 and haven’t really taken another look at my essays from that time until now. I’ve decided to give them a bit of a tidy up so you can all have a look at what my brain was trying to express at the time. Most of the essays are a combination of reading, note-taking, desperation, caffeine and trying to meet word counts so they aren’t perfect.

This essay was for my Thinking Film class which I took in my first term in my first year at the tender age of 18. And believe it or not, I got a 1st for this paper. I believe that’s what the kids call ‘Nailing it’. Anywho, the essay is about whether or not documentary films should be considered art and if they can, can they be thought of as art in the same way entertainment films are? Look, I didn’t write the questions. Bear in mind when (if) you read this, it’s academic writing so it’s not like I could say exactly what I wanted to, I was working for a grade people! Do It!