Dracula – Prince of Darkness Review: Silent But Deadly

Dracula: Prince of Darkness on Blu-ray Available From 5th March

Sparkly Twilight vampires might be all the rage right now but you just can’t beat a good old fashioned Dracula movie.  Hammer’s classic vampire movie, Dracula Prince of Darkness, is released on Blu-ray this month and thanks to a fantastic restoration job, the lure of the legendary bloodsucker is as strong as ever.  

The Kents are Alan and Charles, two well-to-do brothers and their wives, Helen and Diana, travelling in the shadow of the Carpathian Mountains.  As the classic Dracula tropes dictate they of course stop off at a tavern only to be warned that they should avoid visiting a particular castle (guess whose?).  Do It!


Me Writing About Vampires: Part Deux

I’m just gonna be honest, my love for vampires is deep and real but I draw the line at Twilight as the ‘vampires’ aren’t actual bloodsuckers, they’re just superheroes with unusual diets.

Aside from that particular franchise, I’m open to all kinds of vampirism. Blade, Dracula, Nosferatu, Lost Boys etc. well not the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’s Mina Harker, who saunters about in the African heat like it ain’t no thang.

So when another essay was needed for my modern vampire class, I busted out my copy of Underworld and Van Helsing (don’t you judge me!) and wrote up a little something. And once again, it was fuelled by late nights, pro plus and many bottles of coke and that’s why there’s a reference to the Large Hadron Collider. I think I was trying to make some sort of point but not sure that comes across. Ah well, give it a read if you want. Do It!

Another University Essay. This One’s About Vampires. No Twilight Though.

Now if you bothered to read or even lightly skim the previous post, then you’ll know that I’m posting some of my essays from my uni days. This week is an essay from my favourite ever module: The Modern Vampire, taught to me by the most excellent lecturer Stacey Abbott. See Mum, all those years watching Buffy finally paid off.

I was 20-years-old when I wrote this essay and as anyone who went to uni will know, your work, no matter what the grade is always fighting against sleep deprivation, word counts and caffeine overdoses. Despite these factors, I got a 1st for this essay. Suck it. Ha, suck it, like vampires. Cause it’s a vampire essay…I don’t have to impress you people. Do It!