The missing weeks

So the father of modern technology, Steve Jobs, decided in his infinite wisdom to make the memory card adapters for iPads just expensive enough that I wouldn’t buy one. This was probably influenced by my decision to spend over $200 that same day on Victoria Secrets underwear.

So all the pictures I took in my first few weeks have been left on my memory card…until now. Thanks to friends with laptops ie. Craig, I can now reveal the probably not very interesting first few weeks of my program. You’re welcome. More


Adventures in beer pong and other drinks I have known

Every Thursday I host beer pong in my apartment. There are two problems with this seemingly enjoyable event: I don’t drink beer and I can’t seem to arrange it properly. But with both things, practice makes perfect.

In training to actually enjoy beer, I’ve been trying different beers and have decided that Miller Lite is beer flavoured piss water and is actually gross. But after after sampling a few brews I’m a Budweiser drinker now. It’s what all the cool kids are drinking.

Beer pong Thursday have been good, internationally mixed (3 Canadians come) and a good chance to get to know everyone. Also I love to clean up empty beer bottles, apparently.


So I live in Florida now…

That’s right, I live in Orlando, florida because I’m working in Epcot. I’ll spare you the boring how’s, why’s etc and just jump into the meat of my journey. And I apologise now for referring to my trip as a ‘journey’.

First things first, the pictures in this post aren’t mine, I haven’t got an adapter for my cameras ad card so I’m poncing photos off of my new friends.

Seconds things following first things, it’s fucking hot in Florida. Like really hot. But I’m still the kind of dickhead that forgets where she lives and goes out in black jeans. So my official hashtag for these posts will be stolen from Karl pilkington – #idiotabroad



Cars 2 Review: Start Your Engines…..And Drive Away

On DV Release From 21st November

There’s a good reason why Finding Nemo, Toy Story and Wall-E are classed as ‘beloved’ Pixar films. All of them have engaging characters, compelling stories and, most importantly, they have heart. This indefinable trait is what will keep children and adults alike talking about these films for years to come, why they’ll share them with the next generation and why no one cares whether or not they’re one of the highest grossing films for Pixar. I only wish the same could be said of Cars 2 but whenever this film is written about, the biggest point of the story seems to be how much money it made which is unfortunately the most interesting part of the Cars 2 phenomenon. do It!


Toy Story 3D Blu-ray Review: Play Time

Toy Story 1 3D Blu-ray: On General Release From 14th November

Just in time for Christmas, Disney are releasing the wildly successful Toy Story trilogy on 3D Blu-ray, joining the other Disney re-releases Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King. There’s still some debate over how effective 3D Blu-rays are but make no mistake, if you were going to give it a go, there’s no better trilogy to try it out with.

Being the very first Pixar movie, it’s hard to believe Toy Story could be so unbelievably close to perfect but you’d be hard-pressed to find a fault with this fantastic film. Audience members will definitely have a fondness for the 1995 design style of the film that’s almost nostalgic but with the Blu-ray quality, it looks as good as most animated features today do. Do It!


The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D Blu-Ray Review: Dream Come True?

The Nightmare before Christmas 3D Blu-ray: On General Release From 3rd October 2011

It seems Disney are going all out in an effort to convince audiences that 3D is the way forward and, for the most part, it seems to be working. Disney have been carefully choosing their re-releases from the vaults and Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas seems like the perfect candidate for a 3D Blu-ray release. Though the 1993 animation is a family favourite, can it stand up to HD scrutiny?

Jack Skellington is the thin-limbed leader of the kooky cast of characters living in Halloween Town. After spending year after year surrounded by ghosts and ghouls, Jack leaves in search of something new and finds Christmas Town. When Jack convinces Halloween’s inhabitants that they should try Christmas themselves, things go horribly wrong for the expectant children of the world who instead of receiving puppies and dolls get shrunken heads and vampire teddies. Do It!