Total Recall: Remaking Films From Memory and Technology Essay

OK this essay is slightly longer than previous entries. It was for my Remake class. Not much to say about this one to be honest. I did pretty well on it, grade-wise and hopefully it makes sense and is vaguely interesting. I was going to write a whole new post about remaking films and how it’s more of an American habit but that’ll keep for when I’m not so preoccupied with Gilmore Girls re-runs. Do It!


Attack The Block Review: Hoodie Goodie

Attack The Block: On General Release 11 May

Kids today, eh? If they’re not selling drugs or mugging people they’re fending off an alien attack, at least that’s the story in Joe Cornish’s directorial debut, Attack the Block.

Set in the grimey council estates of ‘Sahhhf Lahndan’, off-duty nurse Sam (Jodie Whittaker) is on her way home when a gang ‘murk’ her. NOTE: In order to translate the script of this film, you may need to spend a week reading the entire Urban Dictionary beforehand. In the middle of this murking, an asteroid destroys a nearby car, the gang’s leader, Moses (John Boyega), investigates only to be attacked by the alien creature lurking in the wreckage. Do It!