Whisper of the Heart Blu-ray Review: Clever Whisper Or Heart Related Pun

Blu-ray Releassed on 9th January 2012

Based on the manga of the same name, Whisper of the Heart is the 1995 Studio Ghibli coming-of-age film film that is now available on Blu-ray but despite its charm and beauty, the hardcore Ghibli crowd may find themselves dissatisfied with this one.

Shizuku Tsukishima (Brittany Snow), a middle-school girl whose nose is always in a book, embarks on her first adolescent relationship with the antagonistic yet sensitive Seiji. The two inspire each other to follow their dreams but Shizuku struggles to cope when Seiji’s passion for making violins leads him to move away to Italy. Fighting with her family over her future, Shizuku is sure that if she can write a whole book by the time Seiji returns, she’ll prove to them that she has what it takes to follow her heart. Do It!


Things I Observed/Noticed/Became Aware Of As I Watched Girl With A Dragon Tattoo

Or the alternative title, When Reviewers Get Lazy.

This is not a complete review because basically I can’t be bothered and nobody asked me to write one. Whatevs. Plus it’s holiday time, glad tidings and all that jazz so I get a free pass on doing blog stuff.

Here are just a few things I noticed about Girl With a Dragon Tattoo, the David Fincher remake. These aren’t all my thoughts, just a few of them. Spoilerish. Do It!

For your viewing pleasure…

My brand new Christmas jammies.


Me Writing About Vampires: Part Deux

I’m just gonna be honest, my love for vampires is deep and real but I draw the line at Twilight as the ‘vampires’ aren’t actual bloodsuckers, they’re just superheroes with unusual diets.

Aside from that particular franchise, I’m open to all kinds of vampirism. Blade, Dracula, Nosferatu, Lost Boys etc. well not the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’s Mina Harker, who saunters about in the African heat like it ain’t no thang.

So when another essay was needed for my modern vampire class, I busted out my copy of Underworld and Van Helsing (don’t you judge me!) and wrote up a little something. And once again, it was fuelled by late nights, pro plus and many bottles of coke and that’s why there’s a reference to the Large Hadron Collider. I think I was trying to make some sort of point but not sure that comes across. Ah well, give it a read if you want. Do It!

Here’s One I Made Earlier, Well, About Six Years Ago Anyway

So for no reason whatsoever, I’ve decided to share something I made a long time ago, with you. For a time, I was addicted to Photoshop and making backgrounds for my laptop. Here’s just one of them. Did I know what I was doing? Not really, but I had fun making them. So there.

More Bird Based Humour

Air Duck sees you

For a previous bird humour post, clickity here

Cars 2 Review: Start Your Engines…..And Drive Away

On DV Release From 21st November

There’s a good reason why Finding Nemo, Toy Story and Wall-E are classed as ‘beloved’ Pixar films. All of them have engaging characters, compelling stories and, most importantly, they have heart. This indefinable trait is what will keep children and adults alike talking about these films for years to come, why they’ll share them with the next generation and why no one cares whether or not they’re one of the highest grossing films for Pixar. I only wish the same could be said of Cars 2 but whenever this film is written about, the biggest point of the story seems to be how much money it made which is unfortunately the most interesting part of the Cars 2 phenomenon. do It!

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