The missing weeks

So the father of modern technology, Steve Jobs, decided in his infinite wisdom to make the memory card adapters for iPads just expensive enough that I wouldn’t buy one. This was probably influenced by my decision to spend over $200 that same day on Victoria Secrets underwear.

So all the pictures I took in my first few weeks have been left on my memory card…until now. Thanks to friends with laptops ie. Craig, I can now reveal the probably not very interesting first few weeks of my program. You’re welcome. More


Harry Potter Studio Trip – 3 months ago


I wrote this for Studio magazine and since I didn’t get paid for it, here it is.

Just outside Watford, lurking on the outskirts of the suburbs, is Leavesden studios, home of the new Harry Potter Studio Tour. Any Potter fan would be thrilled at the chance to roam around the magical sets of the wizarding franchise, so I went and scoped out the attraction to make sure it meets the high expectations of the films’ ferocious fans.

The first glimpse of magic happens at Watford Junction station where specially decorated buses await eager fans to take the 15 minute drive to Leavesden. Although it’s surely easier to drive, taking the train is a little like actually going to Hogwarts and kids will be thrilled to get on the Potter themed buses so don’t miss out.

Adventures in beer pong and other drinks I have known

Every Thursday I host beer pong in my apartment. There are two problems with this seemingly enjoyable event: I don’t drink beer and I can’t seem to arrange it properly. But with both things, practice makes perfect.

In training to actually enjoy beer, I’ve been trying different beers and have decided that Miller Lite is beer flavoured piss water and is actually gross. But after after sampling a few brews I’m a Budweiser drinker now. It’s what all the cool kids are drinking.

Beer pong Thursday have been good, internationally mixed (3 Canadians come) and a good chance to get to know everyone. Also I love to clean up empty beer bottles, apparently.



So I live in Florida now…

That’s right, I live in Orlando, florida because I’m working in Epcot. I’ll spare you the boring how’s, why’s etc and just jump into the meat of my journey. And I apologise now for referring to my trip as a ‘journey’.

First things first, the pictures in this post aren’t mine, I haven’t got an adapter for my cameras ad card so I’m poncing photos off of my new friends.

Seconds things following first things, it’s fucking hot in Florida. Like really hot. But I’m still the kind of dickhead that forgets where she lives and goes out in black jeans. So my official hashtag for these posts will be stolen from Karl pilkington – #idiotabroad



San Diego Comic Con 2010 Round-up

Well, I may not have been there but that’s not going to stop me from bringing you as many juicy titbits of information from the 2010 San Diego Comic Con as I can! Fans who attended the convention were treated to all kinds of goodies: exclusive footage from upcoming films and TV shows, meet and greets with the stars, panel talks and getting to see all the props and merch that the studios were pimping out.

The exclusive videos – also known as a sizzle reels – were just for the convention goers but now some of them are available online so I waited until I had something good to show you. Not every video is currently available but as soon as I get it, you’ll get it. There are a tonne of panels at the SDCC so I’ve cherrypicked the best to bring you our SDCC 2010 roundup, who knows, maybe next year I’ll actually be there..


DreamWorks Animation’s next big thing is Megamind which follows a supervillain who accidentally kills off his nemesis, the heroic Metro Man. Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill are providing the vocal talent and it looks like Will got a little too excited to be at Comic Con and donned a very spiffy Megamind costume.

Tina and Jonah joined him on stage and ribbed him for dressing up as he lamented his decision, ‘”I feel a little bit like a turd up here.”’

Aside from the cast’s comedy stylings, the audience were treated to some tasty 3D footage that you can check out right now, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies.

Clickity click:


Marvel heroes were out in force this year and one of the biggest came in the shape of Thor. With the exception of Anthony Hopkins, the whole cast turned out for the panel including Chris Hemsworth, Clark Gregg, Natalie Portman, Kat Dennings and director Kenneth Brannagh.

Audience members were treated to the following clip in 3D where they could fully appreciate the bulging biceps Chris Hemsworth was rocking. There’s been some copyright issues surrounding the video and so its been fecking difficult to find the comicon footage. So difficult in fact that I couldn’t actually do it. Sorry. Do It!


Read Inception Prequel Comic!

Inception is one of the most highly anticipated films of the year and it opens this Friday but if you want a little something to ease you into the story then we’ve got a present for you.

There’s an online comic book prequel that you can check out over at Yahoo Movies that will give you a little insight into the world of the movie. Don’t worry, it doesn’t really spoil the movie, the animation is good and it’s just a little added bonus for fans. Having said that, if you’re looking to go into the film blindly then best leave this until you’ve seen the movie as it does explain certain filming techniques.

Take a look at some of these non-spoilery pictures and see what you think. Based on this, we’d be happy to see an entire series.


New Pictures From Burlesque Released

I’m not going to beat around the bush here – I’ve been salivating over the movie Burlesque for quite some time now and now we’ve got some pictures to share with you!

Courtesy of USA Today and Slash Film, we’ve got some pictures of Christina Aguilera shaking her cans on stage and Stanley Tucci and Cher mooching around backstage admiring costumes.

USA Today have also provided more information about the plot of the movie:

‘Aguilera’s Ali runs away from Iowa in search of fame and ends up waitressing at The Burlesque Lounge on the Sunset Strip. But not for long. “Christina really takes it all off in terms of makeup and hair for a lot of the movie,” says director/writer Steven Antin. “She looks like a girl right off the farm.” That is until Kristen Bell’s headliner, Nikki, shows up tipsy one night and Ali must fill in.

Ali helps turn what once was a lip-sync club into a singing-and-dancing revue after she displays her vocal fireworks onstage in numbers like But I’m a Good Girl. Cher is Tess, owner of a retro club who has a modern-day problem: She can’t make the payments on her over-mortgaged property. Together, Ali and Tess manage to transform the Burlesque Lounge into a success. Stanley Tucci is Sean, the lounge’s stage manager, a go-to guy for the gals and best friend to Tess.’

Sounds like fun, right? OK enough plot, let’s get to the pics!

Do It!


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