The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom DVD Review: Canada, Eh?

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The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom DVD/Blu-ray, released on 27th May.

Tara John’s directorial debut is the coming-of-age story of Elizabeth (Julia Sarah Stone), an 11-year-old on the brink of an adolescence that is taking its sweet time in getting here and making a woman of Elizabeth in 70’s Canada. Amid the frustration on awaiting her period and the complicated politics of pre-pubescent friendships, Elizabeth learns via a school science project that she’s actually adopted.

The news inevitably creates a myriad of problems for Elizabeth and her family. Her mother Marion (Macha Grenon) tries to connect with her daughter but is held back by her shame of not being Elizabeth’s real mother and the idea of 50s womanhood that she’s lived her whole life by. Do It!


The missing weeks

So the father of modern technology, Steve Jobs, decided in his infinite wisdom to make the memory card adapters for iPads just expensive enough that I wouldn’t buy one. This was probably influenced by my decision to spend over $200 that same day on Victoria Secrets underwear.

So all the pictures I took in my first few weeks have been left on my memory card…until now. Thanks to friends with laptops ie. Craig, I can now reveal the probably not very interesting first few weeks of my program. You’re welcome. More

Harry Potter Studio Trip – 3 months ago


I wrote this for Studio magazine and since I didn’t get paid for it, here it is.

Just outside Watford, lurking on the outskirts of the suburbs, is Leavesden studios, home of the new Harry Potter Studio Tour. Any Potter fan would be thrilled at the chance to roam around the magical sets of the wizarding franchise, so I went and scoped out the attraction to make sure it meets the high expectations of the films’ ferocious fans.

The first glimpse of magic happens at Watford Junction station where specially decorated buses await eager fans to take the 15 minute drive to Leavesden. Although it’s surely easier to drive, taking the train is a little like actually going to Hogwarts and kids will be thrilled to get on the Potter themed buses so don’t miss out.


Adventures in beer pong and other drinks I have known

Every Thursday I host beer pong in my apartment. There are two problems with this seemingly enjoyable event: I don’t drink beer and I can’t seem to arrange it properly. But with both things, practice makes perfect.

In training to actually enjoy beer, I’ve been trying different beers and have decided that Miller Lite is beer flavoured piss water and is actually gross. But after after sampling a few brews I’m a Budweiser drinker now. It’s what all the cool kids are drinking.

Beer pong Thursday have been good, internationally mixed (3 Canadians come) and a good chance to get to know everyone. Also I love to clean up empty beer bottles, apparently.



So I live in Florida now…

That’s right, I live in Orlando, florida because I’m working in Epcot. I’ll spare you the boring how’s, why’s etc and just jump into the meat of my journey. And I apologise now for referring to my trip as a ‘journey’.

First things first, the pictures in this post aren’t mine, I haven’t got an adapter for my cameras ad card so I’m poncing photos off of my new friends.

Seconds things following first things, it’s fucking hot in Florida. Like really hot. But I’m still the kind of dickhead that forgets where she lives and goes out in black jeans. So my official hashtag for these posts will be stolen from Karl pilkington – #idiotabroad



Dracula – Prince of Darkness Review: Silent But Deadly

Dracula: Prince of Darkness on Blu-ray Available From 5th March

Sparkly Twilight vampires might be all the rage right now but you just can’t beat a good old fashioned Dracula movie.  Hammer’s classic vampire movie, Dracula Prince of Darkness, is released on Blu-ray this month and thanks to a fantastic restoration job, the lure of the legendary bloodsucker is as strong as ever.  

The Kents are Alan and Charles, two well-to-do brothers and their wives, Helen and Diana, travelling in the shadow of the Carpathian Mountains.  As the classic Dracula tropes dictate they of course stop off at a tavern only to be warned that they should avoid visiting a particular castle (guess whose?).  Do It!


Total Recall: Remaking Films From Memory and Technology Essay

OK this essay is slightly longer than previous entries. It was for my Remake class. Not much to say about this one to be honest. I did pretty well on it, grade-wise and hopefully it makes sense and is vaguely interesting. I was going to write a whole new post about remaking films and how it’s more of an American habit but that’ll keep for when I’m not so preoccupied with Gilmore Girls re-runs. Do It!


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