The missing weeks

So the father of modern technology, Steve Jobs, decided in his infinite wisdom to make the memory card adapters for iPads just expensive enough that I wouldn’t buy one. This was probably influenced by my decision to spend over $200 that same day on Victoria Secrets underwear.

So all the pictures I took in my first few weeks have been left on my memory card…until now. Thanks to friends with laptops ie. Craig, I can now reveal the probably not very interesting first few weeks of my program. You’re welcome.

Ahhhhhh Hogwarts. How glad I was to see you.

This was me and my arrival groups first trip out together to universal where we got our annual passes. I realise this is all very fascinating.

Self explanatory universal picture that almost everyone has.

You know how you start a new job and on your first day Mickey Mouse shows up. Standard.

This isn’t an all encompassing look at the first few weeks as I took a lot of pictures and they’re mostly generic holiday looking snaps. And then, of course, the drunkeness began to happen.



One of these boys hit on me by describing himself as ‘the Asian Ricky Martin.’ Nuff said


A night out at Jelly Rolls, a duelling piano bar at Disneys Boardwalk. Lesley’s too young to go. Wah wah.

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