Adventures in beer pong and other drinks I have known

Every Thursday I host beer pong in my apartment. There are two problems with this seemingly enjoyable event: I don’t drink beer and I can’t seem to arrange it properly. But with both things, practice makes perfect.

In training to actually enjoy beer, I’ve been trying different beers and have decided that Miller Lite is beer flavoured piss water and is actually gross. But after after sampling a few brews I’m a Budweiser drinker now. It’s what all the cool kids are drinking.

Beer pong Thursday have been good, internationally mixed (3 Canadians come) and a good chance to get to know everyone. Also I love to clean up empty beer bottles, apparently.

Here’s what beer pong Thursday looks like in fully swing.


Here’s another picture of good beer pong times.


And here is the aftermath. Worth it? Definitely.


In other drinking activities, it was Canadian Sam’s birthday and so we went drinking around the different Epcot pavilions. Drinks were drunk and lessons were learned e.g. Japanese Sake is the devil’s work.

Here are a few images to illustrate the previous paragraph.


Immediately prior to this, tigger accidentally poked my boob while pointing the badge I was wearing.


I’m laughing because Sam just groped me. Two in one day. Standard.


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