So I live in Florida now…

That’s right, I live in Orlando, florida because I’m working in Epcot. I’ll spare you the boring how’s, why’s etc and just jump into the meat of my journey. And I apologise now for referring to my trip as a ‘journey’.

First things first, the pictures in this post aren’t mine, I haven’t got an adapter for my cameras ad card so I’m poncing photos off of my new friends.

Seconds things following first things, it’s fucking hot in Florida. Like really hot. But I’m still the kind of dickhead that forgets where she lives and goes out in black jeans. So my official hashtag for these posts will be stolen from Karl pilkington – #idiotabroad

And now, like a boring slideshow from an old relative, I’m going to show you pictures from my trip and give you boring descriptions of them.

Heres me and my arrival group at Universal Studios for the first time where the t Rex is an expert photo bomber. That’s lesley, Sarah, Craig, dan, me and Sian.


At our next trip to universal I found that sharks are great joke tellers.


These are me and my friends in front of the Tower of Terror. Sam, me, Sian and Bailey.


I apparently was not impressed with Linzi’s offer of peace on a night out in Orlando.


I have learned that when I’m really drunk, I squint in pictures. I don’t love this about myself but I’m dealing with it. That’s Craig, me, Sam, Lesley, dan, Sarah and Bailey.


This is but a snapshot of what’s been happening and there’ll be more to come but this is it for right now. And for all of the two people who wanted to see my costume, here it is, sneakily taken by a Frenchman a few days ago. Feast your eyes!


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