Mel Gibson’s Father Brands Pope ‘Queer’

Some celebrities claim that the media is out to get them and that they’re not really the booze-bloated windbag that they’ve been painted as. Well, on the media’s behalf, I’d like to say that we don’t always go looking for the alcoholic racist inside the celebrity, it just comes out naturally and we happen to enjoy writing about it.

So, to snarky journos everywhere, Mel Gibson has understandably been a foul-mouthed gift from baby Jesus.

Recently, we all got the chance to revel in his crazy rants to girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva like they were a bucket of KFC and now Mel’s father Hutton is getting in on the action. I guess homophobia begins at home. As well as racism and spousal abuse. Alcoholism too.

In a recent US radio interview, 91-year-old Hutton spoke on the Political Cesspool Radio Program about the Catholic Church’s stance on homosexuality. Talking about whether or not the Church discusses homosexuality, Hutton said,

‘It’s not willing to do so because half of the people in the vatican are queer’.

When the host asked Hutton if he thought the Pope himself was gay, Hutton replied,

‘I certainly do. Why else would he put up with this?…He’s a slippery character.’

Calling the Pope gay and slippery – personal experience there, Hutton?

On the Political Cesspool website, James Edwards defended Hutton’s comments stating that,

‘Hutton Gibson serves a Cause greater than himself and should be applauded for having the courage to speak his mind in today’s politically correct climate. America needs more men like him. The jackals who are attacking him aren’t fit to shine his shoes.’

Aww, I went home to get my shine box and everything.


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