RoboCop Remake Officially Cancelled

While Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan takes flight at the Venice Film Festival this year, his proposed remake of RoboCop gets cancelled according to Moviehole.

According to their source at MGM, the cancellation is down to the studios financial troubles. The insider said of the project, “Gone. Kaput. Cancelled. It was one of the first casualties.” Ouch. So times are really tough at MGM and perhaps this film and others could have been saved by the merger that might have been between MGM and Lionsgate, now I guess we’ll never know.

By the sounds of it, MGM aren’t the only ones who had given up on the idea of another RoboCop.

“[Darren] has lost interest anyway, I believe. Think we’re all just going to have to be happy with the three RoboCop movies that are out there.”

The source also told Moviehole that there had been plans to put another Amityville Horror and Rocky movie into production but ‘not necessarily with Sylvester Stallone’. We’re not really sure that would work out financially for the studio and if people were happy with three RoboCop movies then I think we’re good with six Rocky movies.

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