MIB 3 Plot Details Revealed

It seems that the third instalment of the Men In Black series is making some headway as a rough plot outline has been released. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will return for more alien adventures but this time they’re doing a little time-travelling.

JoBlo have the scoop on the project, stating that

“The general idea is that Yaz travels back in time to kill Kay, which sets off a chain of events that ends in the destruction of the world… The film has Agent Jay sent back in time to 1969 where he teams up with a young Kay to stop Yaz from destroying the world in the future.”

Hmmm. Sounds a bit Back To The Futurish but we’ll reserve judgement for now. As we previously reported, Jermaine Clement will play Yaz who is described as “a nightmare biker who looks like Dennis Hopper and Satan” and who is written as a serious part. This begs the question – why on Earth would you cast Jermaine Clement for that role?

Josh Brolin has been cast as the younger version of Tommy Lee Jones’ Kay but they’re really stretching the meaning of young here – Brolin is 42. This oversight might be played for laughs considering that Tommy Lee Jones has never looked young in his life.

There’ll also be some alien surprises as it is revealed that Yoko Ono, Jimi Hendrix, Castro, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Andy Warhol were all of the extra-terrestrial persuasion. It sounds like fun but will it just be more predictable time-travel gags like Hot Tub Time Machine? That movie used stupidity as its backbone which made it work, but will the alien influence keep MIB 3 alive? Perhaps the 3D will help but probably not.

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