Judd Apatow Working On Pee-wee Herman Project

It’s been a while since we were last mentally disturbed by Pee-wee Herman AKA Paul Reubens but according to Variety, the wacky character will soon be back on the big screen.

Audiences first experienced Reubens’ brand of mad-cap hilarity on the Pee-wee Herman Show back in 1981 and after a successful run he then starred in the movies Pee-wee’s Big Adventure and Big Top Pee-wee.

The character was famous for his unusual laugh, his bizarre choice of decor and the special relationship he had with his bike

Now Judd Apatow is looking to bring Pee-wee to modern audiences but will the childish antics of a now 57-year-old man just be way too creepy? There’s no director yet but we know that Reubens is penning the script along with Inglourious Basterds scribe Paul Rust.

The whole thing came about after recent revival performances in the US where Reubens played Pee-wee Herman on stage to packed out theatres and got Apatow’s attention.

Variety also report that Reuben’s is thrilled that the project is in development,

“There is no one like Judd in our business — he loves comedy with emotion and heart, and he sees what we do as art. I can’t believe I’m getting this opportunity to be working with him.”

Here’s a little something to remind you of the genius that is Pee-wee Herman.


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