Mission Impossible 4 In Jeopardy?

He can jump on as many sofas as he likes (no he’s never going to live that down) but if you choose to make a movie like Knight and Day then even mega-star Tom Cruise should expect consequences.

The movie sees Tom star as Roy Miller, a secret agent who isn’t supposed to survive his latest mission. Cue lots of bullet dodging with co-star Cameron Diaz and most likely an inevitable romance.

Well, the film has already opened in the US and isn’t performing too well at the box office, at least not to the standards that a Tom Cruise action movie used to.

This poor return has got 20th Century Fox thinking about whether or not audiences connect with Cruise anymore. According to Deadline Hollywood, this situation in Tinseltown isn’t helped by the fact that Paramount have just received the screenplay for Mission: Impossible 4. So with a Cruise dilemma on the table sitting next to the script to his next movie, cogs are whirring in the minds of Paramount executives.

The budget for the next movie is their main concern though as Mission movies aren’t exactly made on the cheap. So they could scale it back and do a little penny-pinching rather than scrap what is probably a decent entry into a franchise that has been a good money-spinner for the studio.


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