Adam McKay In Talks To Direct The Boys

Some graphic novels were meant to be made into movies but, as much as I love Garth Ennis’ ‘The Boys’, I’m not sure this is one of them.

The novels are set in a world where superheroes are revered, but behind the scenes they behave more like the Guns and Roses during a particularly heavy drinking session. They’re out of control so the US Government call in The Boys – a team of badasses who want to take the ’supes’ down a peg or two, usually by removing limbs.

If you thought Kick-Ass was too violent and used far too many expletives then you should probably leave The Boys well alone as it might just blow your mind. Or make you throw-up.

But regardless of our own personal feelings and strong compulsion to up-chuck, Step Brothers’ director Adam McKay is currently in talks to helm the project, according to Collider.

You might be thinking that McKay seems like an odd choice to direct such dark material, and you’d be right. Nothing on McKay’s CV indicates that he’s the man for the job but it’s always nice to see people trying something new.

On a side-note, one of the characters is Wee Hughie whose appearance is based on our very own Simon Pegg but there’s no word on whether he’s involved or not yet.

The biggest problem facing this production will most likely be how the writers will go about toning down the violence, sex, swearing and general debauchery that the novels are steeped in. Will a watered down version of The Boys be worth the effort?


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