Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead Gets Remake

What’s that? You’ve never heard of this movie? Well gather round children, you’re about to get schooled.

The original movie saw a mother leave her five kids in the charge of an elderly but hard-as-nails babysitter. When said childminder goes and dies of a heart attack, it’s up to eldest child Sue Ellen (a fresh faced Christina Applegate) to provide for the family. She scams her way into a top job in fashion and tries not to get busted.

The crazy fashion alone makes this movie worth a watch. Honestly, it’s not the best movie, but it’s fun and original with everything we’ve come to expect from an 90s comedy so, of course, it’s being remade.

This remake particularly stings as it’s a personal favourite of mine but also because this new version will probably end up starring Hilary Duff or some such nonsense.

Hot-shot producer Mark Gordon is behind the movie, according to Pajiba, and he’s also the man behind the upcoming Private Benjamin remake as well as the equally pointless Don’t Look Now retooling.

I’ve got our fingers crossed that Gordon can make something fun and original happen but we won’t hold our breath.


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