Bullock And Reynolds Reunite For Action Comedy

Green-card romcom The Proposal saw Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds turn up the heat for some slapstick comedy and naked bodyslams and in the process they created our favourite onscreen partnership of last year.

Now it’s confirmed that the pair will be at it again in an action comedy tentatively titled Most Wanted. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bullock will play a suspect being escorted on her way to court by Ryan Reynold’s FBI agent. The two are ambushed en route and have to go on the run together.

The Proposal director Anne Fletcher will return as well as writer Pete Chiarelli and producers David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman. Fletcher’s become a hot ticket around Hollywood as she’s also on board to direct Enchanted 2.

After having a tough time in the tabloids recently, Sandra Bullock has decided to show the press that she’s not going to just disappear after her very public divorce from her cheating skank of a husband Jesse James.

At the MTV Movie Awards, the same one that saw the return of Les Grossman, Bullock showed up to accept gongs for The Proposal. While accepting the Generation award, she wound up having a smooch with Ryan’s missus, Scarlett Johansson.


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