Rachel McAdams Will Return For Sherlock Sequel

We’re all looking forward to the sequel to the hugely popular Sherlock Holmes movie and a big part of that is most definitely not Rachel McAdams.

The usually reliable McAdams was sleepwalking through her part as Holmes’ lady love but, in all fairness, the script didn’t give her the best material. Anywho, after a recent conversation with movie producer extraordinaire, Joel Silver, SciFiWire are reporting that she will return for the sequel.

Thankfully, all Silver had to say on her appearance was, “She’ll be present.”

This indicates that someone was listening to the fans that didn’t warm to her that much, meaning either she’ll be killed off early on or she’s not the leading lady this time. Both are welcome suggestions.

Silver said of a shooting date that, “We’ll start shooting in the fall and coming out maybe the following year.”

The villain of the piece, as we all know by now, is the classic Holmes nemesis Professor Moriarty. Here’s what Joel said in terms of upping the stakes for the movie. “We want it to be really bold and strong, and Moriarty has got to be a really incredible character. We spent a movie setting up a character, and now we can make the next movie where we pay that character off.”


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