Sucker Punch Will Get IMAX Release

2011 will see Sucker Punch, a sexy, psychological action romp, released in 3D and now it’s confirmed that it’ll be getting the IMAX treatment, according to Empire. The news that it’ll be in the IMAX really is to be expected given Snyder’s previous success with 300 and Watchmen.

Snyder’s style naturally lends itself to 3D and the IMAX with the story often being overshadowed by visuals, but can he break the habit with Sucker Punch? The film revolves around young girls being trapped in an asylum and fighting to distinguish fantasy from reality with Vanessa Hudgens, Emily Browning, Jenna Malone and Mad Men’s Jon Hamm starring.

Well Snyder’s still got some time before he decides how he’s going to handle it – Legend Of The Guardians will be released in 2010 with Snyder once again delving into 3D.

But after Warner Bros. made the decision to have all of their ‘tent-pole’ movies in 3D, is the IMAX the next step?

While we’re waiting for Sucker Punch to hit our screens, here’s a piece of concept art designed by Alex Pardee. If you were lucky enough to be at the San Diego Comicon last year then you could have gotten it on a t-shirt. If you weren’t then hard cheese.

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