Two New Images From Twilight: Eclipse

As the Summer months inch closer, you would think that I’d be working on building up my tan but in honour of Twilight: Eclipse, I’m rocking the pasty skin this year.

OK, I’m already pasty and I’m too lazy to tan properly but let’s just say it’s down to Twilight.

Anyway, I’ve got two new images to show you from the upcoming instalment of the series that will see vampire Edward and Bella, his lady love, fending off an army of new vampires.

Victoria’s back on the prowl looking for revenge and the Volturi are still hanging around, waiting for Bella to choose whether she’s going to stay human or become a vamp herself.

The images are courtesy of and first up we’ve got the Cullen’s hanging out, wearing their ever-present blue denim jeans and looking tense.

Here’s Edward and Bella having some sexytime together.


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