Stretch Armstrong Movie Gets Director & A Rewrite

And the never-ending parade of toy movies continue to roll off the assembly line with the latest coming in the form of Stretch Armstrong.

The super stretchy toy was first introduced in 1976 but there’s never been a storyline that surrounds him as such, so God only knows what the script will be like. Steve Oedekerk’s original screenplay is getting an overhaul anyway by Forgetting Sarah Marshall writer Nick Stoller so who knows, it might be funny at the very least.

Producer Brian Grazer said in a previous statement that,

“Stretch Armstrong is a character I have wanted to see on-screen for a long time. He’s an unconventional kind of super hero with a power that no one would want. It’s a story about a guy stretching – if you will – the limits of what is possible to become all that he can be.”

Right. So basically Stretch Armstrong is Mr. Fantastic except that he actually had a story to tell? Well regardless of how crappy this project could be, Taylor ‘Twilight‘ Lautner has signed on for the movie and Monsters vs. Aliens director Rob Letterman has also come aboard to direct.

Oh and naturally it’s going to be in 3D so expect lots of stretchy limbs flailing around in your face for an hour and a half.


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