Robert Downey Jr. To Follow The Yellow Brick Road?

With Hollywood buzzing over Wizard of Oz scripts like hungry vultures, news has reached me that Robert Downey Jr. is circling one of the projects.

According to the LA Times, Joe Roth is producing Mitchell Kapner’s script The Great Powerful, previously titled Brick, which shows the life of the Wizard before he arrived in the magical land. Downey is apparently very interested in the role of the Wizard which would actually be a great casting decision, but of course it could go the way of Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka and nobody wants that.

Kapner is basing the script on parts of Frank L. Baum’s ‘Oz’ books and his own original material but no word on specific plot details yet. Out of all of the Oz projects that are being discussed, this one actually could have some legs now that Downey’s interested, not to mention the fact that Roth recently met with Disney production president Sean Bailey.

There is also some industry talk of two big name directors expressing interest in the film: Sam Mendes (American Beauty) fame and Adam Shankman (Hairspray) both have very different artistic styles but Mendes could be a shoo-in now that Bond 23 is on hold indefinitely.


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