Olivia Williams Grateful For Role In The Ghost

Political thriller The Ghost is out this week and star Olivia Williams has commented on how thankful she is to have a role like this.

Williams stars as the wife of fictional MP Adam Lang, played by Pierce Brosnan, who closely resembles former PM Tony Blair.

Talking to The Observer, Williams spoke of how grateful she is to have a meaty part to play at her age, not too mention a great director such as Roman Polanski. Despite his legal problems AKA underage, unconsenual sex with a girl a few decades ago, he’s a good director.

“If you attempt for the moment to clear your mind of the modern parallels, the character on the page is just a f**king gift. They just don’t come along that often, women of that, of my, age. And, without giving away too much, to have Roman Polanski create your denouement for two hours – again, thank you, Lord.”

On Polanski’s reputation as a hard-to-please director, Williams was understanding.

“Of course I knew Roman’s work, but also knew his reputation as being very tough on actors. Fortunately, the day before I went on set, Ewan did an impersonation of him doing his screaming fit, so when it first happened it wasn’t quite the stab to the heart.

Roman first shouted at me when I was doing the weeping shagging scene, which is always a nightmare combination, and he came at me when I was naked in the bed, shouting,’ No, no, no’, head in his hands. It can be unnerving. And then he just moved the pillow. About three inches.”

Without commenting on Polanski’s house arrest, Williams seems grateful but glad that it’s over.

“It was for all of us I think a hard but rewarding experience, to be looked back on with smiles. And for me, always hoping to look for an interesting role… at my age, to be able to say something other than, ‘Dinner’s ready, honey’ was an absolute gift.”


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