Tron Legacy Sequel Already Greenlit

Despite having to wait until December to see Tron Legacy, those clever folks at Disney have already given the go-ahead for a sequel.

According to Heat Vision Blog, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, who can usually be found penning scripts for Lost, have begun hashing out ideas for a sequel.

So far, these boys are the only people attached to the project and there’s no word on whether Legacy director Joseph Kosinski will be returning. No current cast members have signed on for a sequel just yet but we at least know that there will be a new producer. Sean Bailey was the producer for Legacy but has since been promoted to Disney’s President of Production.

Though the project is still at a really early stage, it could mean that Disney are gearing up for a Tron trilogy if they’re willing to toss around ideas for a sequel before the first movie is even released. Usually a sequel is dependent on the first being a success and if it’s not then a follow-up won’t be on the cards, right Golden Compass?

In summation, there’s no cast, no producer and no director but maybe an idea for a script? That’ll do for me!


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