The Toxic Avenger Gets Remake

It’s been a while since we had a movie about someone mutating due to falling in a vat of toxic waste so the remake of The Toxic Avenger comes just in time to stop us forgetting about this classic trope.

Deadline Hollywood is reporting that the 1984 camp classic is being remade now that a deal has been made by producer Akiva Goldsmith to handle a remake.

The original story followed teen misfit Melvin who’s bullied by the wealthy clients of the health club he works at. After a run in with some toxic waste, Melvin mutates into the Toxic Avenger who cleans up the city by killing any criminal that crosses his path.

According to Deadline, the people behind the new movie, “intend to turn Toxie into a green superhero for these environmentally conscious times.”

Hmmm. Sounds preachy but I’ll reserve judgement until I see what kind of mishapen makeup they’re going to give ‘Toxie’. He may have been hideously ugly in the original but he still got some from Sara. Granted she was blind but so is love man.

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