Resident Evil: Afterlife Trailer

If you’re getting a sudden craving for brains then you must be picking up on the fact that Resident Evil: Afterlife is nearly upon us. Well, I say nearly but it’s not out until September.

We’ll be joining a super charged professional ass-kicker Alice and a few friends in LA where they’re trying to bust a convict out of zombie jail.

But with the dastardly Umbrella Corporation still running, can they complete their mission before Alice is captured?

According to the trailer, the movie has been filmed with fancypants technology courtesy of James Cameron. As long as the filmmakers didn’t take any storytelling advice from him, we’ll be OK.

The movie might well look good up on the big screen but we’re wondering why they’ve chosen the most bland looking clips to put into the trailer and why it doesn’t give even a hint of plotline away.

After seeing the trailer, I’m not too jazzed about seeing the movie but give it a look and let me know what you think: drop a comment down below.


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