Rec 2 Teaser Trailer

You might have just had your breakfast but we thought we’d show you the brand new teaser trailer for [Rec] 2, the sequel to Spanish horror [Rec].

The original movie was remade into Quarantine in 2008 and featured a bunch of people sealed into an apartment with a demonic/zombie-esque virus. If you haven’t seen either version, we highly recommend going with the Spanish version – yes we know there are subtitles but you can suck it up for one movie, can’t you?

[Rec] 2 picks up the story right where the original ended. A SWAT team arrive at the apartment to clean up the mess and to get a blood sample from one of the victims in order to figure out what happened. Cue violence and mayhem and a SWAT team that wished they’d called in sick that day.

There’s a whole lot of bloodshed and shaky-cam work and it looks to be as terrifying as the first movie. If you’re weak of stomach or just a wuss, you might want to watch this new teaser trailer through your fingers.


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