The Expendables Gets A Prequel Comic Miniseries

Chuck Dixon is set to pen a miniseries comic to accompany Sylvester Stallone’s action flick The Expendables.

There will be four issues in the series and will follow the same characters that appear in the movie. Dixon’s previous work includes Batman, Conan and The Green Arrow characters so he’s well versed in tough guys and heroics.

Dixon told Newsarama,

“The Expendables is a collection of professional soldiers who share a history of dangerous military adventures. In the great tradition of these kinds of the stories, each of the guys has a specialty. Martial arts, handguns, explosives etc… This limited series is a prequel that shows them on an earlier adventure. Lots of violence committed by guys who, while not morally ambivalent, they are certainly morally expedient. The restraints are off a bit more here. The action more bloody. The settings more realistic.”

When asked what his favourite image is from the comics, Dixon replied,

“Mickey Rourke, by himself, fighting a small army of thugs sent to kill him by a Mexican drug cartel.”

Screw the comic, I want to see that on the big screen!


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