Will Angelina Jolie Play Maleficent?

After my initial excitement over the news of a Maleficent movie died down it was piqued again this morning over news that Angelina Jolie might be involved in the movie.

According to the LA Times, Jolie is interested in the project but not confirmed to play the wicked fairy from the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty. Disney first struck gold with their glamorous witches in Snow White and who could be more glam as Maleficent than Jolie?

There’s still no word on Tim Burton’s supposed involvement in the project but what a wonderful combination that would be. She doesn’t have too full a slate on her hands to make this an impossible choice either; she’s currently finishing filming on The Tourist with Johnny Depp and she’ll taking up voice-acting again with Kung Fu Panda 2.

Playing Maleficent would be Jolie’s first Disney character but could prove the point that she’s really only suited to dark, seductive roles.


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