Empire Movie Award Winners

In the tail-end of the award season, Empire had a good old knees up at their own award ceremony. There was booze and gongs galore as the big names of cinema were given awards based on your votes.

The Empire awards, sponsored by Jameson, has a wider range of nominees than the BAFTAs or Oscars and gave other movies a chance to get noticed amongst the Blind Sides of this year’s movies.

We all know Avatar didn’t win big at the Oscars but it looks like the fans have spoken and apparently you all went mad for James Cameron and his little blue friends. Though I may not agree with you on that, I can understand but Jude Law as hero of the year? Really?

Let’s take a look at those lucky winners.

Best Film

Best Director
James Cameron

Best Thriller
Sherlock Holmes

Best Horror
Let The Right One In

Best Comedy
In The Loop

Best Sci-fi
Star Trek

Best Actor
Christoph Waltz
Inglourious Basterds

Best Actress
Zoe Saldana

Best Newcomer
Aaron Johnson
Nowhere Boy

Best British Film
Harry Brown

Empire Icon
Sir Ian McKellen

Empire Inspiration

Andy Serkis

Empire Hero
Jude Law

Outstanding Contribution To British Cinema
Ray Winstone

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