Zack Snyder Talks 3D 300 And Its Sequel

Zack Snyder recently caught up with Coming Soon and spilled the beans on the sequel to 300.

The director has been ridiculously busy since the success of 300, jumping from one heavy-duty project to another. His latest movie is a 3D CGI owl movie called The Legend of The Guardians as well as the action packed Sucker Punch, also in 3D.

Snyder seems to fit in well with the current trend of putting everything in an extra dimension and apparently he was very pleased when Warner Bros. showed him 3D converted footage of 300:

“I saw maybe like a ten-minute section that they’d just done. I haven’t seen the whole movie but they’re talking about doing the whole movie.”

Getting 3D spears shoved in our faces? Can’t wait.

But what about the sequel? Well technically it’s going to be a prequel that will focus on the God King Xerxes. Snyder will adapt a new unfinished graphic novel by Frank Miller that will be set 10 years before the events of 300.

“I’m waiting on Frank (Miller) for the sequel to ‘300′ and there’s a really good chance that will be the thing we do. He’s been working hard, so he’s supposed to show me something really soon; actually in the next few months, he’s going to show me something.

There was a big discussion about what we would do for the sequel to ‘300′ and I said, “I didn’t tell Frank what to write the first time, and I’m not telling him what to write this time. I’ll take it and I’ll adapt it and make it into a movie and I’ll write a screenplay, but I want him to do whatever he thinks.


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