Warner Bros Announce All Blockbusters To Be In 3D

Well it was bound to happen at some point. Warner Bros have revealed their plans to release all of their future ‘tentpole’ movies (Superhero, Potter & CGI spectacles) in 3D.

According to SlashFilm, Alan Horn, President of WB, made the announcement at the ShoWest industry convention.

They’re hoping that they can prove how good an idea this is once Clash of The Titans is released in 3D after a conversion.

Horn also made it clear that due to the Harry Potter series coming to an end, they’re hoping to fill the void with DC comics’ library.

While Potter has been the franchise standard to beat, Batman movies are just as eagerly anticipated and now, as they’re WB property, this means the next time we see the Dark Knight himself, it could well be in 3D.


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