Tim Burton To Make Addams Family 3D Stop Motion

I think the success of Alice In Wonderland has given Tim Burton him a bigger head than the Red Queen.

According to Deadline Hollywood Burton is planning another remake and this time it’s of The Addams’ Family.

Fans of Burton always lamented the fact that he wasn’t the director of the 1991 version and though the film was successful, Burton’s style seemed tailor-made for the source material and now we’ll finally get to see his version.

The concept of the weirdly morose family originated from the cartoons drawn by Charles Addams and these are from what Burton will be drawing on the most. Not only will it see Burton once again using stop-motion effects but he’ll also be working in 3D.

Burton hasn’t used stop-motion since Corpse Bride, which turned out to be less than impressive follow-up to the classic Nightmare Before Christmas. Can he regain his morbid mojo with Morticia and co?

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