Straight From Hell: The Best Movie Devils

I’m no angel but believe me, but even on my worst day I’m not a patch on some of these guys.

Yes it’s the Breadline’s favourite movie Devils! I’m celebrating the very best of the very worst people in cinema thanks to The House of The Devil which opens this weekend.

So let’s look at our favourite eternal villains, it’s gonna be Hell!


Jack Nicholson brought new meaning to the phrase ‘horny Devil’ when he played Daryl Van Horne in The Witches Of Eastwick. In the movie he seduced and then shacked up with Cher, Michelle Pfieffer and Susan Sarandon – nice work if you can get it.

After manipulating the women and the town, the ladies decide to rid themselves of Daryl by practising a little voodoo. Here’s Daryl in full flow, helping the women exact revenge on a holier-than-thou town gossip. But be warned, you won’t be able to keep your lunch down.


A movie has to be pretty scary if it is to have eternal influence over a name, as such people called Damien will forever be tarred as satanic.

I don’t know about you, but whenever a friend refers to their son as ‘a little devil’ I club that child to death just to be sure. Just me?


You can’t really beat a big gay Satan can you? He’s a bit more emotional than we’re used to the Devil being but if you were in an abusive relationship with Saddam Hussein, you’d cry as well.

I love him because he sings, he dances and he takes pity on humanity. Plus, listen to the high note he hits at the end of this song – how can you not love this guy?


Ah the eternal bond between Satan and lawyers. Al Pacino puts in a brilliantly shouty performance as the Devil AKA top lawyer John Milton.

Milton uses everything at his disposal to manipulate Keanu Reeves’ Kevin Lomax into creating the anti-Christ. He exploits his fears, his loves and most importantly Kevin’s vanity. Oh and he mentally unhinges his wife to the point of suicide.

Here’s Milton explaining why he spends so much time with mankind.


I guess the Devil’s got problems too. In Little Nicky he’s got three of them, namely his children: Adrian, Cassius and Nicky.

In the movie Satan’s actually just a single dad trying to raise three kids in the fiery pits of Hell, and when he’s not playing daddy he’s punishing the bad guys that end up in his neck of the woods.

Here he is giving Hitler exactly what he deserves.


Finally we come to the biggest, baddest mother of them all – Tim Curry’s Lord of Darkness in Ridley Scott’s Legend.

He’s got hooves, massive horns, red skin, fangs and wants to kill every unicorn in the world so the Sun won’t shine anymore. You can’t really get more evil than this guy.

But even the Devil needs a bit of romance, just take a look at him trying to woo Princess Lili in the hopes that she’ll be his Queen.


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