Predators Trailer

For Robert Rodriguez and Nimrod Antal’s reboot of the Predator franchise, we’re going back to the jungle to be hunted by some intergalactic badasses.

After a group of elite soldiers find themselves stranded in a jungle, they must team up in order to fight off whatever is hunting them. But survival doesn’t look like an option after they realise that they’re in a hunting reserve used by the Predators.

The cast has got a few big names but if you really look at it, they’re not exactly the action heroes we were hoping for. Topher Grace and Adrien Brody? Really?

Lawrence Fishburne lends the film a bit more credibility with Danny Trejo boosting it’s cool cult factor and Alice Braga starring as the token lady soldier.

It looks like a lot of fun with some balls-out action scenes but I’m a little sceptical. Check out the trailer, courtesy of IGN, and let me know what you think – drop a comment down below.


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