Ivan Reitman Not Directing Ghostbusters 3?

We haven’t seen a Ghostbusters movie since 1989 so people are champing at the bit over the upcoming third instalment.

But this big change to the project could be a huge blow to fans – Ivan Reitman, the original director of the first two movies, might not be back in the director’s chair.

According to Vulture, Columbia Pictures think Reitman is too old at 63 to direct the movie in which they want the old Ghostbusters crew to train a new, younger team.

Wha? This is a worse idea than ‘crossing the streams’.

Apparently it really comes down to a contract that Reitman signed back in the 80s which gives him enormous power over the project. Vulture reports that

“While it’s true that Reitman can’t force Columbia to make Ghostbusters III with him, he can make it nearly impossible for the studio to make the film without him”.

Columbia will also have to deal with Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, and Harold Ramis as they have the power to kill the project if they don’t like a particular element of the production. In this case, that element is likely to be the choice of director (it’s likely that they’ll stand behind Reitman).

The studio might be worried that Reitman has lost his touch after his last picture, My Super-Ex Girlfriend, bombed but hey, they can’t all be winners. Let’s hope this contract crap gets sorted out quickly, I want to see Slimer back on the big screen sometime this century.


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