Glee Star Jayma Mays Goes Blue For Smurf Movie

I’m secretly hoping that the plans for a Smurf movie would quickly fall apart as it was just another chance to pillage our childhoods but this movie just got my interest.

Glee star Jayma Mays who plays germaphobe Emma Pillsbury, has been confirmed to play the lead human role alongside Neil Patrick Harris.

Mays’ character will be the pregnant wife of Harris who will no doubt have some crazy shenanigans after meeting the Smurfs. The pair will also be working together on Glee when Harris guest stars as Will’s nemesis in an upcoming episode.

The role of Gargamel, previous thought to belong to John Lithgow, has been given to Simpson’s voice actor Hank Azaria. He’s the man of a thousand voices so pulling off Gargamel’s evil laugh shouldn’t be a problem but I was kind of looking forward to seeing Lithgow in the role – he’s Gargamel’s twin!


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