Summit Search For Directors For Twilight: Breaking Dawn

The decision on whether or not to split the final book of the Twilight series in half is still up in the air, as is the decision on who will direct the movie.

Breaking Dawn is the fourth and final instalment which could well piggy-back on Harry Potter’s idea to split the last book in half.

Summit Entertainment have been putting in a few calls to some Oscar-winning directors in the hopes of bringing the films critical credibility.

According to Entertainment Weekly, those in line are Milk’s director Gus Vant Sant, Marie Antoinette’s Sofia Coppola and Dreamgirls’ Bill Condon.

The directors of the series so far have been mediocre, with only a handful of good films between the three of them, so maybe Summit are hoping some Oscar gold dust will rub off on the series.

Apparently, they’ll be closer to a decision after screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg has finished a script outline to give to the potential directors.

Do any of these directors sound like a good fit? Who would you like to see direct Breaking Dawn?

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