Rose McGowan Joins Conan Cast

Someone’s cast Rose McGowan and for once it’s not Robert Rodriguez!

For a while it seemed that the only director that was interested in casting McGowan was her ex-boyfriend Rodriguez but now Marcus Nispel has seen her potential, according to Variety.

After it was announced recently that the cast for Nispel’s Conan was starting to be fleshed out comes another addition. McGowan has been cast as an evil half-human, half-witch to star opposite Jason Momoa as Conan.

No stranger to playing a witchy role, McGowan shot to stardom on the hit show Charmed but failed to make an impression on Hollywood after that.

She is still tentatively attached to a movie based on another Conan character Red Sonja which is kinda of bizarre to have her playing these totally different characters from the same universe. Red Sonja’s been in trouble for a while after studio heads didn’t want McGowan for the role as she’s not a big enough name, but maybe Conan will change their minds.


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