Lang, Perlman and Taghmaoui Join Conan

Avatar’s resident badass Stephen Lang has joined the cast of Conan along with Ron Perlman and Said Taghmaoui.

I previously reported that Marcus Nispel’s reboot will see Jason Momoa playing Conan and now the rest of the cast is starting to be filled in.

Lang has been cast as Khalar Singh and told MTV that,

“I’ve accepted the role of Khalar Singh. I have no idea how I’m going to do it. First I’m going to find out how I’m going to sound. I’m going to get back on a Mongolian pony and ride like the wind. I’m going to flash my scimitar. I’m going to cut the nuts off Conan and his father.”

I would have just celebrated with some champers but whatever floats your boat.

Here’s the outline of the character that was leaked last year:

Khalar Singh is in his 40s to 50s, Asian or Middle Eastern, Central Asian, Mongol, Turkish, or Persian, open to all ethnicities; commanding in size and manner, a warlord and formidable warrior, brilliant, cruel, weathered and tanned by the many campaigns he has waged and won. He is driven in his quest to find the Queen of Acheron and has been building an empire to do so.

His goal is to find the Queen whose blood will bring life to the demonic minions of Acheron while making himself king of this hellish power. With this power, Khalar will protect his legacy against the onslaught of master sorcerer, Thoth-Amon so that his weak son, Fariq may rule after his death.

While riding into a Cimmerian village to recruit his old comrade, Corin, his large collection of mercenaries slaughters them to the last soul when Corin refuses to join them. The village’s only survivor was young Conan. When Khalar’s search has finally narrowed to the likely discovery of the queen at a monastery of female monks, he also learns Conan is older and hungry for revenge…

Ron Perlman, star of Hellboy, will be playing Conan’s father, a man described as “Powerfully built, intelligent, graceful, a master swordsman, skilled blacksmith, and de facto leader of the Cimmerians”.

And finally, Taghmaoui, who last appeared in G.I. Joe, will be playing the leader of a gang of thieves who befriends Conan, though he may not be trustworthy.

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