Planet of The Apes Prequel Lands Director

After Tim Burton’s failed attempt at revamping classic sci-fi The Planet of The Apes, I thought we’d seen the last of those damn dirty apes, but apparently they’re back.

A script has been making the rounds and has unsurprisingly had some difficulty finding a director.

Oscar winner Kathryn Bigelow wisely side-stepped the project as did Robert Rodriguez and James McTeigue but finally someone has agreed to direct this almost guaranteed flop; Rupert Wyatt is taking one for the team.

With a script by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver is a little worrying considering the two haven’t written a film in over a decade but maybe this is their comeback. But they’re coming back with an Apes prequel – why?

What could the prequel possibly be about, surely there wouldn’t be any apes at all?

We’d settle for The Simpsons version of the story over a remake any day.


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