Three Wizard Of Oz Scripts On The Table For Remake

As a paid up member of the Lollipop Guild, I’m always interested when there’s news involving The Wizard of Oz.

Last year I reported that Dakota Fanning was in line for the role of Dorothy Gale in a reboot of the 1939 classic. While this isn’t well out of the realm of possibility, the problems are coming from the development of a decent script.

According to the LA times and Empire there are three scripts being shopped around Hollywood. The first is by Shrek Forever After’s Darren Lemke but no one seems to know much about the content or direction of this version. While Josh Olson’s version for Warner Bros. is going to be a dark take on the story with contributions from Todd MacFarlane.

Warner’s keen to get started with this project after the ridiculous success of the Alice In Wonderland reboot and the Harry Potter series nearing an end they’ll be needing another franchise.

The third Oz project on the go is the screen adaptation of the wildly popular stage musical Wicked, based on the book by Gregory Maguire. There’s no secret to this script; it’ll follow the young wicked witch of the West Elphaba and her frenemy Glinda the good witch. No word on if original stage stars Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth will appear.

There have been a few incarnations of Oz but none so famous as Judy Garland’s version. My own personal guilty pleasure is Disney’s Return To Oz from 1985 but could Olson’s script be darker than that without pushing away fans?

And given current trends, I wouldn’t be surprised if once the script is locked down that it’s announced that the film will be in 3D. But 71 years after the original, are we ready for this or is it high time? Let me know what you think, drop a comment down below.


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