God Goes 3D In Creation Movie

And God said unto film bloggers, ‘Go forth and report entertainment news!’ So film bloggers did as they were told and God saw that it was good.

In the spirit of following my heavenly orders I’m here to tell you that the story of creation, as it’s written in the book of Genesis, will become a 3D movie. Not sure that’s what God had in mind for ’spreading the word’ but hey, whatever works.

According to Deadline Hollywood, ex-Walden Media big wig Cary Granat will be helming the project entitled In The Beginning with Reel FX and Paramount.

Apparently the script will be faithful to Genesis, following the story of the creation of the world in six days ending with God making Adam and Eve. It’ll be written by Hidalgo scribe John Fusco and will cost around $30 million to produce. That doesn’t sound like a lot of cash to tell the story of the creation of the world does it?

James Cameron created a whole world and it cost him nearly $250 million to do. At least the Bible is an original story.

Anyway, the film will also be in 3D which is hardly surprising given the current trends. And though we have all wondered what God looked like, I think we’d be more curious as to what he’ll look like in 3D? Wouldn’t it be funny if he actually turned out to be Alanis Morisette like in Dogma or Morgan Freeman from Bruce Almighty?


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