Fright Night Remake Gets It’s Director

Another day, another remake. The 1985 camp cult hit Fright Night is getting a makeover and now the project has finally got a director according to the LA Times.

Though still in negotiations, it looks like Craig Gillespie will be taking on directing duties. The movie will take him well out of his comfort zone as his last film was odd rom-com Lars and the Real Girl and a few episodes of US TV comedy United States of Tara.

With no horror films under his belt, will Fright Night bring Gillespie over to the dark side?

The original film saw horror fan Charlie suspecting his new neighbour of being a vampire so he asks for the help of a washed up TV actor to uncover the truth.

The re-vamp (geddit?) will see Mad Men and Buffy The Vampire Slayer writer Marti Noxon penning the script. At least Noxon’s got experience with vampires so it’ll have some bite to it.

Sorry about that, couldn’t resist.


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