De Niro Teams Up With Cooper For Drug Thriller

Bradley Cooper has been steadily building his profile for years and while his CV is crammed full of comedies, there are a few decent dramatic turns.

Well he’s stepping up to the big leagues now as he’s signed on to star with Robert ‘Raging Bull’ De Niro in Neil Burger’s adaptation of Alan Glynn’s novel, Dark Fields.

Cooper will play a young businessman who becomes addicted to a new drug, MDT-48, that gives him heightened intelligence and success. Things go haywire when Cooper’s cut off from his supply and he must ‘delve into the drug’s dark past to feed his habit.’

Sounds a world away from sappy romcom Valentine’s Day and The A-Team which will Cooper doing the action hero thing.

Variety describes De Niro part as ‘a brilliant financial mogul who begins pursuing Cooper’s character.’

It’s good to see that De Niro shows no sign of slowing down with age; he has a plethora of acting gigs lined up as well as several producing jobs in the works. He just appeared in Everybody’s Fine but has Machete, Little Fockers and cop drama Stone coming soon.

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