Joseph Gordon-Levitt Replaces McAvoy In Cancer Comedy

(500) Days Of Summer star Joseph-Gordon Levitt is set to replace James McAvoy in Johnathan Levine’s cancer comedy.

According to MTV, McAvoy dropped out of the project after shooting had already begun due to personal problems.

A source revealed that this has caused shooting to be delayed until 8th March, at which time Golden Globe nominee Gordon-Levitt will step into the role.

Seth Rogen, also starring in the project, said in a statement, “It’s incredibly unfortunate that circumstances outside of everyone’s control have taken James away from the project, but, with James’s blessing, we were able to have Joseph step in to take on the [lead] role of Adam. We all look forward to working with James in the future.”

Based around Will Reiser’s experience of battling cancer in his early twenties, Reiser is penning the script himself and the film will be produced by Rogen and Evan goldberg.

While the film is gaining and losing cast members, it still hasn’t even got a title. The film was previously called ‘I’m With Cancer’ but at present is just Untitled Cancer Comedy.


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