Worst Movie Dads Ever

To honour this week’s release of Robert De Niro’s new film, Everybody’s Fine, I have decided to look at some movie parents. But instead of nice mums and dads who can at least remember your name and birthday, I’m showcasing the very worst of film role models.

Well, I’ve actually just targeted movie fathers this time (I’ve got some daddy issues we need to work through).

This is our list of worst movie fathers ever…


Now you might be thinking that Homer’s a helpless buffoon who doesn’t mean any harm. But he’s actually an alcoholic man-child who’s obviously in need of some parenting lessons. He rarely spends quality time with the kids and when they screw up, his solution is to strangle them. In The Simpson’s Movie he drags his family to Alaska and decides he’s too selfish to save Springfield from imminent destruction. He’s quite a guy.

Oh and he’s almost single-handedly given Lisa ‘middle child syndrome’. One of the worst possible role-models from movies and TV, this is Homer telling Bart and Lisa his philosophy on work.


As if collecting Nazi memorabilia and guns wasn’t bad enough, Frank Fitts had to go and beat the holy hell out of his son. His controlling ways turned his wife into a zombie and he finished out the movie by hitting on and then killing one of the neighbours. What a role-model. Frank’s also super homophobic but it turns out that the lady doth protest too much…


Jack Nicholson is creepy at the best of times but he really ramps it up in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. Jack Torrance and his family were the caretakers of the secluded Overlook Hotel when ghosts began to play havoc with the family, turning Jack into an axe-wielding lunatic. Trying to murder your wife and child? Parenting fail.


Being a stepchild isn’t easy, especially when you get the archetypal evil step-parent like Leonardo diCaprio had in This Boy’s Life. Robert De Niro plays Dwight Hansen, a small town mechanic whose attempts to bully his new wife’s son, Toby, constantly end in humiliation and fistfights. Check out this clip of Dwight picking a fight with Toby – you’ll never throw away a jar of mustard so easily again.


Wow, this one’s a doozy. Mickey and Mallroy are two serial killers in love whose murderous rampage starts with Mallory’s father. Comedian Rodney Dangerfield plays Ed Wilson, a fat slob who beats his wife regularly as well having an incestuous relationship with daughter Mallory. He’s an utterly disgusting human being but damn copyright only allows me to show the trailer. So…enjoy.


The big bad daddy of the empire, Darth Vader, not only was he an absentee father to kids Luke and Leia’s, but tries repeatedly to kill them as adults. Surely grounding them would do? And of course nothing says ‘I hate you son’ like killing and torturing your friends whilst trying to take over the galaxy. He chopped off Luke’s arm and tortured Leia’s boyfriend Han then put him in carbonite! Evil badass or overprotective father? You decide.


If your dad sent you into battle knowing you’d pointlessly die, then I think it’s fair to say that you can skip the next Father’s Day. Power hungry Lord Denethor makes our list due to his poor treatment of faithful son Faramir, whose noble efforts in battle get totally overlooked by his dad. He constantly berates his youngest boy and reminds him that he’ll never match up to dead brother Boromir. Oh and he tries to set Faramir on fire.

Due to stupid Youtube copyright crap, we can’t post a clip but click here and there’ll be a good one waiting for you.



Every little girl wants to be Matilda but nobody would ever want Harry Wormwood to be their dad. He’s a liar, a cheat and has poor personal hygiene. He takes every opportunity to belittle his only daughter, which ironically turns out to be his undoing when it triggers Matilda’s magical powers. Not only can he barely remember his offspring’s name but he went and put her in Miss Trunchbull’s school, take a look.


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