Flash Gordon Gets 3D Revamp

When I hear stories of revamps and re-tellings, I groan like a dying walrus. This is usually because a good movie is being remade just for the money.

What Hollywood should be doing instead is remaking bad films into good ones, and it looks like that’s what’s going to happen with Flash Gordon.

You might be screaming, ‘No, no, Flash Gordon’s awesome!’ but when was the last time you watched it? Exactly. It’s a fun campy classic but let’s admit that it’s not the best interpretation of the original comic strips, something that The Crazies director Breck Eisner plans to rectify.

I’m fairly optimistic about this project as it looks like it’s going to be taking the story in a totally new direction, but is Eisner experienced enough to take on a project this big? His CV is short but includes Sahara starring Matthew McConaughey and and thriller Thoughtcrime, making The Crazies his biggest picture to date. Plus it will be his first foray into 3D filmmaking.

Eisner sat down to have a chat with sci-fi blog io9’s Meredith Woerner and revealed his plans for remaking the adventures of Flash.

“Flash Gordon is a project that I’ve been pursuing for years. I absolutely love that movie, and that strip. It’s at Sony, we have the writers on, we’ve done one draft. I’ve been brainstorming with them over the past couple months, when I finished post [for The Crazies].

They are busy writing right now, so we will have a script from that in short order, hopefully. It’s a big, giant movie. And these things have a lot of different roads to go down before they get green light. Hopefully we’ll get there, but it’s always a long-shot, but it’s one that I feel incredible passion for. In developing it, I’ve really gone back to the original Alex Raymond strips and pulled information from those.”

“When you re-read Raymond’s strips, which were drawn from ’32 to about the mid-40s you can’t read them as a human being living in today’s world. You have to imagine living in a world pre-space travel, and the world of the 30s. It’s kind of a more naive view of the Universe.”

So will we see the characters we know and love?

“I can tell you there will be Hawkmen, there will be Lionman, [and] Ming will be in the movie. In a version that is going to take place on Mongo. I love the source material, so lots of it is going to be in it. I’m not rediscovering, I’m not recreating a take on his original material.”

Flash Gordon is slated for a 2012 release.

In the meantime, have a look at this trailer for the original. Permtastic!


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